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General information

Chihuahua has one of the most spectacular landscapes in Mexico: Sierra Tarahumara and its Copper Canyon. Being the largest state in the country, it offers visitors outdoor activities, cultural walks related to its history, as well as a rich cultural tradition. The Heroic Ciudad Juárez is located in the north of the country, in the state of Chihuahua, on the border with El Paso Texas. It is the eighth largest metropolitan area in Mexico, with 1.5 million inhabitants and the fourth most important manufacturing city in the north of the Republic, which was born in the sixties, as a response to the increase in labor costs from other countries. Ciudad Juarez has more than 350 Industries, of which 100 are in “Fortune 500” as prominent in aspects of global business.

Tourist information

Chihuahua Tourism Office
Government Palace, low level. Aldama & Venustiano Carranza St.
Phone +52 (614) 429 3300 and 01 800 Turismo


Arriving by plane

Abraham González Airport.
It is located on Pan-American Highway km 18.5, C.P. 32690
Phone .: +52 (656) 478-7000.

The airport has the following flights:
Guadalajara Aeromexico Connect
CancúnTAR Mexico

Arriving by land

Central Jione de Cd. Juárez
Address: Blvd. Oscar Flores, Fracc. The Jury Tel .: +52 (656) 610-7083 Connection to all states and capitals, in addition to the most important and tourist cities, in more than 110 destinations.

The following bus lines operate in this terminal
Chihuahuenses de México


Tourist attractions

Tourist attractions of Juarez



Built during the first half of the twentieth century, it is finally completed in 1957. It consists of a single nave and its style is neoclassical, a contrast with the austerity inside. On Sundays, matachins from the peripheral parishes usually arrive in Ciudad Juárez, to dance the traditional dance of the matachines in front of the cathedral.

Museum of the Revolution in the Border

Museum of the Revolution in the Border

Built-in the 19th century, this building was the border customs, inaugurated by Porfirio Díaz, it maintained its activities as such until 1965. After 20 years of abandonment, the MUREF was remodelled to open in 2011. The museography is based on nine related thematic axes with the way the border lived this decisive time in Mexico.

Samalayuca Desert

Samalayuca Desert

With an area of 17 thousand hectares, is the ideal place for adventure tourism, you can do sandboarding, sand cycling or 4 × 4 vehicle rides, or enjoy the scenery on a guided walk. It is recommended to go in autumn or winter, to avoid very high temperatures.

Adobe House Museum

Adobe House Museum

Exact replica of what was the headquarters of the Provisional Presidency of Francisco I. Madero during the Revolution. This museum that is located near the Rio Grande and exhibits objects that show how the former president lived in those years. On the occasion of the Centenary of the Mexican Revolution, it was rebuilt according to its original shape and dimensions.



In Ciudad Juarez, Mexican cuisine restaurants predominate, however, you can find specialty restaurants from different countries, with all the services and the best service. The typical dish of Ciudad Juárez is burritos stuffed with stews such as red shredded meat, rajas, beans, roasted meat, etc.

Congress Facilities

PlaceCapacityContactAdress Web
Anita Convention CenterIt Has a convention area of 4,123 m2Phone: 656 682 1486 g.ventas@mundoacuaticoanita.netRamón Rayon Street 1658, C. Bravo
Four Century Convention CenterIt houses an area of 3,500 m2 for congresses and conventionsPhone: 656 625 6735Florida 8989, Maquila, 32400 Cd
Cibeles Convention CenterIt has a capacity for 1000 peoplePhone: 656 66 88 05 80 Tomás Fernández 8450, Partido Senecú

Special events

Juarez FairJuneCiudad
Chihuahua International FestivalOctoberChihuahua y Ciudad
Final Serial 4x4NovemberCiudad JuarezSerialEstatalChihuahua4x4/
Mole and Tamale Festival in Cibeles Garden TerraceNovemberCiudad
St. Petersburg Imperial Russian Ballet: The NutcrackerDecemberCiudad

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