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Mexican Hospitality

The traveler always you will be received in Mexico as a friend. The warmth of our the people, the welcoming culture and the spirit of service that characterizes Mexicans are already recognized worldwide. But here we do not take them for granted.


Encouraged by the increase in visitors foreigners in recent years, due to the growth in the interest of unique experiences offered by our destinations and our traditions millennial, due to the knowledge of the large hotel chains international organizations in guest service and for the commitment of all sectors involved in tourism, we continue to strive to provide exceptional care, offering spaces with all the comfort possible, modernized with the latest technology, a hotel offer unequaled, wide, varied and of high international standards for respond to every need and taste of national and international tourism.

To meet this demand, and as a significant plus for visitors from all over the planet, Mexico has an unbeatable hotel offer, a hospitality industry characterized by its great warmth and quality, with the facilities and the comfort that tourists require during their stay.

Visitors can choose to dazzling resorts on the most important beautiful beaches of the country, with the necessary services so that they can relax and enjoy without the need for move, to exceptional boutique hotels installed in old farms, as well as luxurious hotels in large cities with state-of-the-art technology and exclusive villas on remote beaches; Mexico has a wide hotel offer, varied and of high international standards to respond to the needs and tastes of national and international tourism. The hotels in Mexico manage to combine the beauty and color of our landscapes, with the warmth of our people to offer excellent services unique in the world.

Whether it is a Penthouse bar with stunning views of the city, eating by the sea, or an exclusive spa that gives a new meaning to the word relaxation, the experience as a guest in our country will leave an indelible mark on each of the visitors.


Three thousand years of pre-Hispanic heritage, mixed with a Spanish legacy and the impetus of 21st century modernism, Mexico today presents itself as a festive, vibrant and multicultural tourist destination.

The cultural diversity of Mexico is undeniable and is represented by:

187 archaeological sites

  More than 1,200 museums

  27 World Heritage Sites

  112 Magical Towns

  174 Religious Shrines

  68 indigenous communities, preserving their original languages

   8 living expressions declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

In just one year, 23 million tourists traveled across the country seeking cultural experiences as their main objective. They defined themselves as "cultural tourists", they sought to have interaction with living communities and learning experiences, in addition to the aesthetic enjoyment of the places, and the most outstanding thing is that they rated their stay as excellent or very good.


A set of heritage elements and activities that promote their enjoyment. It involves a wide range of “things to do” that combine tangible and intangible heritage, the natural with the didactic, landscapes with historical places and expressions of living culture. That is, in a single visit you can combine arriving at the place in an all-terrain vehicle to enjoy a beautiful landscape with the summer sunset, savoring an exquisite dinner while listening to traditional music.


That is the type of attractions that San Luis Potosí Festival de Calaveras in Aguascalientes Cascada de Tamúl Mexico festive, vibrant and multicultural currently attract the attention of the cultural traveler and Mexico is successfully offering them in a safe and personalized environment in which the inhabitants of the communities by participating in the sustainable development of their places of origin.

The informal and free mode of movement of tourists through public spaces: parks, squares, streets, historical centers, provides them with a contact of different characteristics with the local environment and opportunities for interaction with social, scenic and artisan manifestations. A redefinition is being presented in the consumption of free time and leisure that are expressed in needs to escape, to learn something new, of forms of entertainment that involve contact with local cultures and reaffirm the sense of independence. In other words, there is talk of a new offer of tourist-cultural products for visitors in which different emotions are involved. The inevitable encounter with culture More than 8 million people traveled for different purposes, such as recreation, entertainment, visiting family and friends, work issues, attending a congress or convention.


But the vastness of heritage resources that Mexico has made inevitable the encounter of these travelers with some of the cultural features of the place or the combination of experiences. As an example, the tourist finds in gastronomy a fusion of ancestral and contemporary culinary techniques, with the pairing of different wine products and spirits.

In Mexico's tourist destinations, emphasis is placed on experiencing flavors, tasting emblematic ingredients with strong meanings and nutritional contributions, knowing how to prepare food, valuing the use of local and organic products, particularly those with a designation of origin and their relationship. with sustainability. Having everything, Mexico is unique Each corner of this magical country offers a unique experience on each trip, its historical grandeur is the great differentiator from other destinations in the world. The traveler can experience 3,000 years of history… in its colonial cities and towns, its art and crafts, its traditional food, its living traditions, its people.


Currently, in our country there are 121 Magical Towns, listed below in alphabetical order: A Magical Town is a site with symbols and legends, towns with history that in many cases have been the scene of transcendent events for our country, they are places that show the national identity in each of its corners, with a magic that emanates from its attractions; visiting them is an opportunity to discover their gastronomy, traditions and beautiful Mexican hospitality.


The cultural heritage of Mexico has enriched its contemporary artistic manifestations (Gourmet cuisine with centuries of culinary tradition, visual arts, cinema, music, architecture, design and fashion) making them unique, outstanding and more alive than ever!



Recently, the Charrería, equestrian art and traditional Mexican dairy farming has been integrated into this compendium in the part of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, along with indigenous festivals dedicated to the dead, traditional cuisine Mexican song and the Pirekua song, traditional song of the Purépecha, among other

Mexico is the first country in the American continent with the highest number of declarations of World Heritage, and 6th globally only after Italy, Spain, China, France and Germany. The cultural, geographical and historical wealth of the country can be appreciated in its tourist destinations, its gastronomy, its architecture, as well as living traditions and customs present in every corner. Culture It can also be seen in its many Magical Towns, a distinction awarded by the Ministry of Tourism in recognition of diversity, wealth cultural and historical of these populations.

In addition to an extensive list of archaeological sites distributed throughout its territory, some of them recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.


Mariachi, string music Mexico is one of the countries with the largest offer for cultural tourism in the world. It currently has 32 World Heritage sites (natural and cultural), as well as 7 cultural expressions named as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.




Mexico is an oasis for tourists who belong to the premium segment. With international flights that arrive directly to the main destinations, the traveler accustomed to good living has a range of world-class resorts, hotels and retreats at his fingertips to enjoy unforgettable experiences.

More than 10,000 kilometers of coastline and a privileged geographical location make this country a true oasis of extraordinary climate, with historical and cultural attractions, surprising music, rich traditions, great shows and the most varied gastronomy.

The main options in cosmopolitan Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara are complemented by the highest quality facilities and services on the white sand beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, as well as the beautiful Pacific settings that extend from Acapulco. and Puerto Vallarta to Mazatlán and Los Cabos.

In Mexico, the luxury traveler is guaranteed the most exclusive rest thanks to personalized attention and traditional Mexican hospitality.


In Mexico the Golf fans and travelers can enjoy a game of excellence practically all year round: it is a paradise with high standards in infrastructure and services that satisfy the most demanding golfer.

Of the more than 260 fields that exist in the country, around 70 are tourist and are in the most important beach destinations, offering designs created by characters like Robert Trent Jones II, Pete Dye, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Treviño, Robert von Hagge, Percy Clifford, Tom Weiskopf, Greg Norman, Arthur Hills, Davis Love III, Nick Price, Gary Player, Tom Fazio, Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods –To mention the most notable. Over mountains, islands and deserts with views from the ocean, between lush jungles, lagoons and dreamy beaches in the sun, the most spectacular and challenging courses await the golfer with flora and incomparable fauna.

From Puerto Peñasco, La Paz, Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo in the Sea of ​​Cortez, continuing along the Pacific towards Mazatlán, Punta Mita, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and Huatulco, until reaching the transparent waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Currently estimates at 335,000 the number of fans touring the main fields tourism in the country, playing each year 400,000 rounds of golf that generate around USD $ 1.3 billion. Of this universe, 86 percent - some 288,000– are golf travelers from the United States and Canada, who consider Mexico as the destination with the most attractive courses in the world, only after Hawaii.

The remaining 14% It is made up of Mexican, European and Asian golfers. Golf for connoisseurs Mexico is the country with the most golf fans in Latin America: close to 50,000 players, the vast majority of whom belong to private clubs.

However, in recent years important real estate firms have created luxury tourist and residential developments in destinations where golf is a key player. Added to this is the increase in infrastructure, services and international air routes so that travelers belonging to the premium segment can easily access. Playing golf in Mexico is an experience that fully rewards the amateur, both for the surprising natural beauty of the courses and their surroundings, as well as for the extraordinary variety of designs that satisfy the golfer - experienced, average or beginner.


Los Cabos

It is the main golf destination in Mexico, with 15 splendid courses along a 33-kilometer tourist strip - the Golden Corridor - that connects San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.



Riviera Nayarit

With 300 kilometers of coastline and unsurpassed climate in the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, this destination in the Mexican Pacific has nine courses that offer mountain or beach-level games, lush vegetation and views of the impressive Bay of Banderas. Joe Finger's Marina Vallarta and Jack Nicklaus's Vista Vallarta are 18-hole courses that allow for spectacular play.




A tourist emblem of Mexico, the Port of Acapulco maintains four challenging courses in its exclusive and cosmopolitan Riviera Diamante designed to offer championship experiences and satisfy the golf traveler. Called by connoisseurs as "The Jewel of the Pacific", Tres Vidas is a magnificent 18-hole course created by strategist Robert von Hagge. In turn, the new Vidanta Acapulco allows an 18-hole course between beautiful lagoons, and the magnificent Turtle Dunes by Tripp Davis can link its design with the Princess Mundo Imperial course to extend the golf experience up to 36 holes.



Cancún y Riviera Maya

In the state of Quintana Roo and facing the waters of the Caribbean Sea, there is a world-class destination with 14 courses that allow you to play among mangroves, archaeological ruins, jungles and lagoons, with fairways and greens on the seashore.



With the most surprising courses in settings of majestic natural beauty, Mexico is consolidated as a world-class destination so that golf travelers can play quietly every day of the year, enriching their stay with haute cuisine and enjoying the traditional hospitality that distinguishes our country.




Modern couples are looking to go beyond the traditional and the unexpected. They're looking for personalized celebrations with tailored details, unique touches that reflect their interests, and special ways to surprise their guests. From unusual places, welcome parties, excursion groups to gourmet meals, tastings and even the mixture of customs and cultures. The Wedding or Romance segment has become one of the fastest growing specialized sectors, being an important source of income for the hotel sector and tourist destinations in Mexico. Among the favorite places for weddings are beach destinations, topping the list such as the Riviera Maya, Cancun and Los Cabos.


Other places that have become attractive for weddings are colonial cities, Magical Towns and Haciendas. Destinations such as San Miguel de Allende, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Querétaro or Cuernavaca offer unique settings such as mansions converted into boutique hotels, small palaces, settings of endless gardens and unique beauty, they are extremely attractive when complemented by the natural and architectural wealth of these localities. Specific products such as the Haciendas, mainly in Yucatan or those of the Wine Route in Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, add great value to the tourist offer, being a great differentiator with respect to other international destinations.

On the other hand, "City" weddings are characterized by their elegance and by being the spearhead in terms of global trends in decoration, atmosphere and food services for the wedding segment. To serve this important sector, the hotels allocate areas and staff specialized in weddings, from internal wedding planners, who accompany the bride and groom throughout the entire process of organizing their wedding, to the development of menus and comprehensive experiences by the hands of certified external professionals. that meet the needs of decoration, furniture, music, photography and video of each event. The offer of different ceremonies is another of the important differentiators. In general, 90% of the people marry legally in their city or country of origin and perform a symbolic ceremony in Mexico, which can range from a "sand ceremony" to rituals with shamans, Mayan weddings, etc.




Aware that a business trip can become more important than a pleasure trip due to all the economic implications, prestige and commitment to customers and suppliers that it brings, in Mexico we have already managed to consolidate extensive experience in our vocation as hosts. and organizers of important Congresses, Conventions, Exhibitions and all kinds of meetings.

México es el mejor país de América Latina en Turismo de Convenciones, ocupando el sitio 21 mundial por el número de eventos organizados, y el lugar 18 en cuanto a participantes según la (ICCA), International Congress and Convention Association. Esto representa una derrama para el país, en lo que turismo de reuniones se refiere, de unos 18 mil millones de dólares al año, incluyendo el gasto de los turistas- congresistas como hospedaje, transporte, entre otros.


Mexico's strength in this segment is based on its cultural richness and their destinations, and of course the first-rate infrastructure that offer their main places as facilities, equipment and services of first level. Currently Mexico has more than 70 recognized venues and with the capacity to host large-scale Congresses and Conventions. The The country's leading destination for Congress and Convention Tourism is the City of Mexico (CDMX appears in the 45th place of the ICCA general ranking) followed by Cancun (86) and Guadalajara (190). There are currently 56 places in the country which offer the necessary infrastructure to host this type of event, being the strongest: Mexico City, Cancun, Puebla, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Querétaro, Mérida and Tijuana.

Additionally, Mexico has a series of cultural and natural attractions, together with the variety of world-class hotels, specialized rooms and fully equipped convention centers. To achieve the best organization of each event, the Visitors and Conventions Offices (OCV's) and government institutions of Mexico such as the Tourism Secretariats of the entities provide adequate and reliable information to indicate to the organizers what they can or cannot do, and why your destination is attractive for your meeting, congress, convention or exhibition, in addition to facilitating some procedures or particular needs.