Travel Alert Level: 3 (Reconsider the trip )

San Miguel de Allende will host the “Festival of the World”

The World Festival consists of bringing cultural expressions from another country to San Miguel de Allende for 6 months for the enjoyment of the inhabitants, residents and tourists.


From May until October, Paraguay, Italy, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Bulgaria and Cuba will exhibit their artistic manifestations such as dance, music, plastic art, muralism, gastronomy, literature, theater, cinema and photography, in cultural spaces. from San Miguel de Allende.


From June 16 to 21, it was Italy's turn; from July 14 to 22, to Peru and Ecuador; from August 4 to 8, the expressions of Bolivia will be manifested; From September 1 to 5, Bulgaria will follow; From October 1 to 3, the World Festival will conclude with the cultural and artistic expressions of Cuba.